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The Oil

Obviously the range of our products is among the most varied, but we would like to draw your attention in a particular way, our olive oil.

It is an organic oil of high quality, since, as described above, the geographic location in the heart of the Mediterranean, the optimal microclimate, aromatic herbs that grow naturally in the surroundings, the natural methods of cultivation and processing (harvesting olives is performed by hand in the morning and the milling is done at night with the most cold-pressing technology) allow the oil to have our superior quality, aroma, flavor and lightness unique.

Indisputable quality of our product has remained intact in a nice, but not too pretentious bottle with a square base. The bottle has dark green colour , because the direct light would alter the characteristics contained in it, with a twist-off cap and seal warranty, a nice double-sided label, which does not hide the visibility of the oil itself and consists all information about product.

The Olives

Our Biorganical Olives in Tipical Calabrian recept

are produced without the use of any pesticide or chemical fertilizer. Delicious as an aperitif or to accompany your meal.

The condiments

In addition, the company might propose to you the other high quality products made of olive oil, organic spices such as also great for pasta, meat, pizza and garlic bread.

The soaps

The company produce organic olive oil soap and organic olive oil soap with bergamot, produced in anatural way, without the addition of perfume, nutrients, and restructuring andprotection for any skin type.

Sapone d'olio d'oliva

Our soap is made using only olive oil and bergamot and allowed to rest in natural way.-Azienda Agricola Francesco Gangemi